Monday, July 31, 2017

I Miss the Days When People Had a Sense of Humor Part II

The actual video is in Part I.
 I just wanted to provide this image so that you
can get an idea what I'm talking about.
You're welcome.
    This post really isn't about people losing a sense of humor.  That point is more aptly made in Part I.  

    Hmm, come to think of it, I really didn't explain the meaning behind the post title there, either.  Guess I just figured you'd get what I was driving at.  And I didn't feel like typing because I had the pool...and beer.  Mostly beer.  

    Anyway, we used to laugh quite handily at ridiculous things in the past without worrying about getting anyone's knickers in a knot. That's my point.

    Like I wrote in Part I, I posted a picture on Facebook a few days ago which mocked Trump's transgender ban.  Rather, it made fun of transgenders in the military.  Whatever.  It was just a bit of "smartassery" (not a real word, but should be) on my part.  As promised in Part I (really promoting Part I, huh?), here's the picture to which I refer.

NOTE:  I didn't copy the caption exactly, but it's close enough.  So, don't call me on it, Facebook followers.

"Okay, the first battalion will deploy at dawn when we'll po...what, Captain?"
"Uh, Sergeant Major Jorgensen won't be able to go, General.
He's starting hormone therapy tomorrow."
"What...what the hell kind of cockamamie horseshit is that, Lou?"
"It's not cockamamie, sir.  And call me Loretta."

   By the way, didn't anyone get where I was inspired by the Monty Python sketch?

    All right, all kidding aside (as if), here is my opinion of transgenders in the U.S. military.  Please bear in mind that what I think is thoroughly irrelevant and will probably tick off, at least in part, everyone.

    First, I think a person who lops off their junk or undergoes "Add-a-Dick-To-Me" surgery is a freak. My sincere apologies to those who don't share that opinion.  I won't change how I feel no matter how many times I'm told that these poor unfortunates are just trying to align their internal wiring with their external appendages.

    If you've seen how I treat Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner, you've probably gained some insight into my philosophies in that regard.  I know I said that I would hold off on mocking her/him/it, but she/he/it just won't shut up.  So, like Chelsea Clinton, Grandma, Governor Tubby, and Orange Julius, she/he/it is fair mocking game.
"I don't see why.  All I do is...hey, you gonna eat that?"
    But (and this is where I would probably part ways with some of my conservative friends), if a soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, or Coast Guardsman is fit to serve and can serve, who am I to deny them the ability?

    Just do NOT expect me to pay for gender reassignment surgery
"Snip, snip here...snip, snip there..."
or take up your slack because you cannot fulfill your responsibilities.

    Frankly, what business is it of mine what your proclivities are?  I know some folks say that having to serve with these folks would undermine morale. To them I say, you need to get over it.  As long as the person "has your back," nobody cares how you feel.  Similar to my belief that they are freaks, keep that kind of stuff to yourself.

Although, we did wonder about
those guys in Engineering.
    I've been asked if there were any transgenders when I served in the military.  I honestly admitted that I didn't know.  There probably were (just as there were homosexuals in the military, too). Nobody made a big deal about it. Because a lot (probably most) didn't care.

    The above may sound rambling, but I figured I'd address it.

    Make no mistake about it, I will continue to mock those who deserve mocking.  I will ridicule situations which deserve ridicule.

    After all, isn't that why you visit Penwasser Place?  It surely can't be because I validate parking.

"And don't call me Shirley."

Meanwhile, on the Korean Peninsula...

"They fight and fight over soldier cutting weenie off and getting boobies.


  1. Damn it's rare I see someone with my love of mocking anything and everything that deserves to be mocked. I think there's an unfortunate amount of misinformation out there on this whole transgender ban, but I'm with you on the part that anyone who is able and willing to serve should be allowed to be. It doesn't matter who has your back, what matters is that someone has it. I'm not even anti-trans for the most part; I just adopt a personal "don't ask, don't tell, and for the love of god don't rub it in my face" policy. You be you. I'm just going to go over here and be me.

  2. As long as they are there, able to do the job, has your back, and don't try to convince you to chop your weenie off(or try to chop your weenie off to put it on them) then power to them. I think it's rather freaky too, but maybe that's because we're happy with our parts. They may think us freaky for liking our parts. Again, to each their own.

    1. If we were all the same, what a sucky world this would be (well, suckier than it probably already IS).

  3. They do their job I don't care what they do in private.
    Continue to mock though, Al. I don't need my parking validated.

  4. All that matters is that our men and women in uniform follow accepted codes of military behavior. We don't have a draft and all serve voluntarily, and transgender people shouldn't be treated differently.

  5. You got flack for that?? Hahahaaaa, people need to lighten up and I love that you used the name Jorgensen. I don't think someone who wants to change their sex should have the military pay for it just like I don't agree that they should pay for a boob enhancement, dick enlargement...if that exists, or any other enhancement. If they are injured, the full out, yes they should get everything done for free. Do I think they should serve in the military..hell ya! If they can do the job, cover your back and are willing to be in the military then they should not be kicked out or impeded by representing and fighting for their country.

    1. VERY GOOD picking up on Jorgensen (it may be 'on,' though. I didn't look it up). Yep, I picked that name for a reason. Congratulations, you sharp eyed person, you! You win today's "No Prize"!

  6. People get worked up over the dumbest things. It always makes me think of the mini lectures I gave my kids when I was involved with the Jesus freak girl scouts: why are you getting upset? is what that person is doing/wearing/saying affecting you personally? no? then shut up and ignore them.

    I wouldn't go as far as calling them freaks, but I am definitely grateful for the fact that (as much as men have it MUCH easier) I have no desire to change my gender.

    1. Can't help how I feel. But, I sure can help whether my feelings hurt another. In that case, I shut up.
      Humor and goofing around will continue, though.
      Pull my finger?

  7. All I will say on the serious side of the matter is, their thing is between God and them in the end- but id they try to involve MY end, they will regret. I refuse to say that what is abnormal is not, and when I bring up what God thinks of the act, I get comments like, "What's a Bible?"

    Guess what? You can figure it out now... or later. I'm not here to twist your arm.

    1. I know. Just let me be and let my family be. If God has a problem with you, God will take it up with you.

  8. We don't agree on lots of things but on the stuff life SHOULD be made of: humor and heart, we're on the same beat. So that's all that matters to me.

  9. Have you seen the movie Transamerica? It's funny but also serious. Apparently there are people with dicks who hate their dicks. I feel sorry for them.

  10. I think a lot of these people don't realize that probably a majority of transgender soldiers are female-to-male not male-to-female. You'd be surprised how "manly" they can eventually look.

    1. Oh, I know. I just wonder about their, I don't need to wonder. None of my business.

  11. Just before school got out in June, a kid, out of nowhere, as he's walking in, starts off talking about how people who want to do gender reassignment surgery are crazy. (His terms were a bit more blunt.) My response: So, don't do it. No one's making you.

    If someone is willing and able to serve in the military, they should be allowed to. Spending any time worrying about the whole trans thing is a waste of time. Who was it that said... It was a comedian. He said he didn't want to enlist and get shot at, so he was good with those who were willing to go. The bit was about gays in the military, but the same thing applies here.

    Mock all you want. Those who are offended will stop following you. You don't need them, anyway.

    1. Well put. The kid sounds a tad misguided (I'm being charitable).
      Gays in the military NEVER bothered me.

  12. If people want to all dress alike and follow each other around in herds let 'em have at it. Who cares what's in their pants?Did you spent a lot of time in circus side shows as a kid? Now those were some (advertised) freaks.

    1. Actually, I can barely remember those shows. I recall one (vaguely) at a circus in Bridgeport, CT.
      The people looked sad, that I remember.

  13. So many people are far too serious, me I feel life should be enjoyed and to enjoy life one needs to laugh at themselves and others and not get bent out of shape over stupid things

    1. I try to see humor in everything, as often as I can. Life is far too short and I've already exceeded my shelf life.

  14. I feel to each their own. If they can serve, that's all that matters. If surgeries, medications, counseling, etc. would make them unable to deploy or go TDY than they can be honorably discharged or wait until their enlistment is done to continue with their treatment and not have the military pay for it.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!