Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's AARP Moment (Brought to you by Metamucil!!)

  I was watching a "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" special on PBS this weekend (yes, I said "PBS."  Don't judge me.)
  Anyway, my daughter, Valerie, strolled into the room and started watching with me.  She couldn't understand why I was laughing.  OK, I admit, the humor is a little stupid, but I suppose I like it because it reminded me of my childhood (of course, my childhood included my father-you've already met him-so I guess the blessing was kind of a mixed bag).
  In an effort to get her interested in the show, I tried....
Me:  "Hey, look!  That's Goldie Hawn!"
She:  "Who?'
Me:  "Goldie Hawn.  You know.  The actress?  Kurt Russell's girlfriend?"
She:  "Huh?  I don't know who she is."
Me:  (exasperated, sighing).  Goldie Hawn?  C'mon!  Okay, Kate Hudson's mother!"
She:  "Ohhhh, yeah, okay, now I know.  She looks just like Kate Hudson."
Me:  "See?  I told you."
She:  "This is still stupid. I'm going out for a walk."

I got so depressed that I turned off the show and went upstairs to listen to some Beatles music.
On my iPod.


  1. Too late. I judged you - you said PBS.
    (enter Nelson Muntz's point & laugh) Ha - Ha!

  2. Sounds like you need to trade your daughter in for an older model....Something you have more in commom with

  3. We bought a series of Laugh In dvd's and we laugh our asses off every time we watch. It's actually sad that our youth today have reality shows to look forward to looking back on when they are our age. We were lucky! Variety shows, comedy shows, it was all so entertaining.

  4. Nothing wrong with PBS. I watch "Are You Being Served" all the time on PBS.

  5. We have the whole Laugh In series on DVD. those were funny shows, but you kind of had to be living in that era to appreciate the humor.

  6. Okay, I don't watch PBS, but damn brats just make you want to choke them, don't they? Listening to the Beatles on your iPod shows you've accepted her ways, but will she accept yours? Nope! Brats, I tell ya.

  7. Al- don't feel bad, I don't know how old your daughter is but I am 33 and when I was in highschool I freaked out because a girl in my creative writing class didn't know who James Dean was! WHHAAT?? Crazy. Goldie Hawn went to my highschool btw, pretty cool. And another side note, at my YOUNG AGE I rely heavily on Benefiber (just like Metamucil!) haha, sad, but true!

  8. @Lady E: whenever I watch PBS, I put on my smoking jacket (as long as it's no longer smoking), pick up my bubbles pipe, slip on some slippers (after slipping on a banana peel), call the dog to sit at my feet (Now Urea Free!!), an....promptly fall asleep.
    @BL: I can't trade her in for someone TOO old. I'll need someone to push my wheelchair (boy, is she in for a shock when she gets older!).
    @Barb: no kidding, right? I can't imagine my daughter trying to explain the artistic merit of the 'Jersey Shore.'
    @OT: I really like whenever PBS has history specials...Civil War, baseball, etc.
    @Eva: Arte Johnson..."Verrry interesting" and "Here Come Da Judge" cracked me up!
    @Krissy: I have an iPod shuffle with what my daughter calls "Old Guy Music." Hey, Badfinger, the Who, the Stones, AND the Beatles are classics!
    @jd: My daughter will be 17 this summer. But, I will sometimes tell a joke that I think is hilarious but it falls flatter than roadkill because I reference something from the 70s, 80s, or-sometimes-even the 90s!
    Sometimes my Seinfeld references get strange looks!

  9. I loved Laugh-In! I wanted to grow up to be a Go Go Dancer.

  10. It's an iPod shuffle which means you are modern, hon. I don't care WHAT is on it. :)

  11. i totally cannot watch shows from that era. my husband likes to watch them & he laughs like his parents probably did when he was a kid, but they hurt me on the inside of my brain. kind of like that stupid show with barny the dumbass popo. whoa, makes me shudder just to think of being trapped in a room with that show on & the volume turned loud.

  12. You did the right thing to let the Beatles help you when you were down, Al. I'd like to see Laugh-in again, even though it was and is stupid. That's the point. So DUH to your daughter!

  13. @Antares: Nothing's wrong with PBS. I like watching it. I was kidding about being judged a high brow know-it-all instead of someone who likes truck pulls, too. And reruns of Laugh-In and Hee Haw.

  14. Is PBS the one that buys up all our old BBC stuff?

  15. @Kara: and write things all over your body? How cool would that be?
    @Krissy: I know! That's what I keep tellin' my kids!
    @Sherilin: oh, yeah, it's wicked stupid, but it tickles me in a using-only- a- small-part-of-my-brain kinda way.
    @Robyn: love the Beatles. Laugh-In was cornball, but I loved it, too..
    @Tony: that's pretty much right on target. In fact, the first time I watched PBS (WNET, Channel 13 New York) was when they would play Monty Python. Silly stupid stuff. Plus, sometimes I saw bare breasts! Hoo yah! Pretty heady stuff for a kid who used to leaf through the ladies underwear section in the Sears catalog.

  16. Verrry interesting..but schtupit.