Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog of War

Yes, I know. BlackLOG isn't an American. Sheesh.
Hi, all,
  Al Penwasser here.  How many of you have suffered the indignity of never getting your point across?  How many times have you felt the pangs of unrequited blogging (NOTE: I really have no idea what the hell that means)? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop (Answer: 3. Love that Mr. Owl!).
  Well, your chance is here to make good on everything but that Tootsie Roll thing (you’re on your own with that one).  Our good friend, BlackLOG, who writes a smashing (English term for “bitchin’) blog will be sponsoring a “Blog of War” competition starting in April.  The following details what you need to do to enter this contest and come in 3rd place to me and BlackLOG compete with other top-notch bloggers.
  The best: IT DON’T COST NOTHIN’!
  So, have a look and, if interested, send off an email to Niel. Then magic fairies (i.e., poofs) will whisk your desires all the way under the ocean identifying you a Blogger of War. Or Blog Warrior. Whatever.
 Best fishes,

Blog of War hosted by BlackLOG at
It will be blog on blog action – with competitors going head to head against each other in a knock out competition.

The ultimate prize will be bragging rights as the inaugural Blog of War Champion – along the way you will discover other great bloggers, have a bit of fun and hopefully attract, or possibly repel, some new readers….

If interested send your Blog address and a contact email to with a subject title “Blog of War – I’m interested in giving it a tug….”

Closing date for entries is 2nd April.


  1. i'm so totally the opposite of competitive, but i look forward to reading the other entries!

  2. I might have to go and check it out.

  3. You two definitely should get involved. Actually, I'm not terribly competitive, either. I don't care who wins, but, I just want to enter only because it's another way to spread my words of whimsy (you know, sort of like a Comedy Club Isaiah).
    I just like making people laugh. Which is why I never mind dropping my pants and walking around the backyard in my underwear (which tends to scare the hell out of the wildlife, though).

  4. Al

    thank you for the shout, much appreciated I owe you one.

    P.S how do you guys keep up the punishing blog schedule. One a week and I’m drained of all creativity for at least a decade. I’ve been running on empty for the last 9 years….The good news in just over a year I’m due a really good blog and then it will be back to my normal dross….

    P.S. The answer to the Tootsie Roll question…None, those things are just disgusting and rather like Hershey chocolate bars should not be eaten, licked or even looked at. On a trip to the States I had the misfortune to try both and I’m still looking for an antidote….

    We English manage to screw up a most things but we have (or had) good chocolate (Kraft will have to deal with me if the start mucking about with the recipe for Cadburys) and can manage savoury snacks with more exciting flavours than cheese or peanuts…..

    Ooops sorry, this was supposed to be a thank you for your help not an all out attack on your confectionary…but Hershey’s…

    I’ll get my coat….would you like me to send over some taste buds…..

    Sounds of a slight struggle as I drag myself out…..

  5. You're welcome! I know what you mean about the blog schedule, but what helps me is the unplanned for topics. Meaning, I sometimes see things by accident which inspire me (like tomorrow's blog about underwear). I hope the well doesn't run dry: if nothing else, my childhood gave my 18 years worth of posts.
    Now, English food. Believe it or not (and I'm sure you believe it) , there are some dietary diamonds in the British rough (there's a lot of boiled things, though). Cadbury's...oh, Cadbury's! The best chocolate on the whole damn planet.
    Also, when my family and I were in London waiting for a flight back to Iceland, we had sandwiches that had the best tasting mustard we had ever tasted. We mentioned that to the waitress, who gave us a free jar. It was actually our most prized souvenir (too bad we eventually ate it all).

  6. My well is always running dry, just as well so many people manage to p*ss on my parade to fill it up again.

    If the mustard brought actual tears to your eyes it was probably Colman’s and I can confirm that it is truly wonderful stuff, sadly it does not go well with Cadburys...Don't ask....

    With you on the boiled things, especially cabbage – not even Colman’s can save that sh*t…

    Iceland... please tell me you don't know Björk, because if you do you can get out of here right now…shut the door and don’t come back…….What do you mean it’s your blog….OK, I guess you can stay…

  7. I am all about it. That should be fun! I'll have to blog about it soon too to advertise for it.

  8. cadbury eggs are my weakness. i get fatter every spring because they call out to me in the sweetest little voices from almost every store i enter. the little bitches.
    blacklog, your weekly posts are long enough to be several spread out through a week. just break them down & then schedule them to post at various times & no one would know you didn't write 3 or 4 times a week.